Mexico DF

Mexico DF

Last week I had the great opportunity to visit Mexico city (a.k.a, Mexico DF: Federal District). I had the chance to get to know this wonderful, vast, complex and majestic city. The visit was mainly to expand our business and market what Terra Icons does. I met amazing people, companies and future partners. I continue to evangelize about augmented reality and the potential it has as a new medium. Mexico is well positioned to take advantage of this technology as it continues to be one of the growing economies on the world, and it’s one of the biggest markets on […] Read more

La Fête du lac des Nations in AR

La Fête du lac des Nations in AR

Mollejuo’s mission is to index the world in augmented reality (AR). Step by step we have been doing that for years. Our latest assignment has been to index the Festival du Lac des nations, which starts today in Sherbrooke Quebec. We have indexed it in AR within Terra Icons. On the app you can find in AR the stages and some other points of interest within the event.

Enjoy the party Sherbrooke!

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The superiority of PlayStation VR

The superiority of PlayStation VR

Like several times before, we were volunteers for this year Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS). A great event! this event allows us to keep up to date with the latest trends within the game industry. This year the star was VR, which was all round. Minority media had a booth on which they showed their VR demos. Minority it’s a local (Montreal) game studio focused on creating VR experiences, his CEO (Vander Caballero) made a bold prediction during the MIGS:

The killer app for VR won’t be a shooting game, and that’s a good thing

Caballero doesn’t have an agenda against shooters, […] Read more

One night event with Steve Wozniak

The board of trade of Metropolitan Montreal has a series on events called International leaders, on which they interview influential people from all around the world. Last night they interviewed one of the founders of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak. The event was celebrated on Place Des Arts, Montreal, with an attendance of 3000 people, mostly geeks like us 🙂

Personally, we being a fan and followers of Wozniak for decades, we didn’t expect him to say new things that we didn’t already knew. However, given that he speaks a lot and fast, he did manage to give new details about many […] Read more

MIGS 2014

MIGS 2014

This year we got the great opportunity to participate again as volunteers on the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS). As always, great talks and knowledge being shared. Here, we’ll write about what we were able to witness, however, it was far greater than that.

Oculus VR

We got the chance to assist to a VR talk and to experiment with the Oculus VR.  The tech is great, however, motion sickness is very real. So, we’ll need to wait for Oculus to improve (which they’re) in order to be really ready for the mass market. The specifics of this phenomenon, I’ll share it […] Read more

California dreaming


As we have mentioned earlier, we were invited to the MarketLink event in San Diego to show our solution to several companies. MarketLink is a great program that puts to talk directly companies with potential providers, with little red tape in between.

From our part, we got a chance to visit San Diego several times, a beautiful city in itself. Last but not least, we also had the opportunity to interact with companies like: ZTE, Samsung and Huawei. What else could we ask for?

San Francisco

Because of these Marketlink trips, we also had a chance to go north to Silicon Valley, and […] Read more

Dx3 conference

The Dx3 conference took place last week in Toronto, Canada. We went there as attendants, to feel the pulse of the digital advertising industry.

The conference exhibitions are -still- focused on Web advertising, for a simple reason: Is where -still- the money is.

While mobile has grown incredibly, is -still again- catching up with the Web as a whole. That didn’t meant there were not mobile focused exhibitors, is just that they were a minority. Regardless, we still had a chance to meet great people and companies with great ideas and services, respectively.

Why focus on the Web rather than mobile?

It has been […] Read more

Mollejuo in Vancouver

Organized by Wavefront, last week was celebrated the Wavefront Wireless Summits. This is the BIG telco conference here in Canada, which takes place in Vancouver. Mollejuo was fortunate enough to have been invited to a B2B meeting with Blackberry -yes they’re still alive and kicking-. From Blackberry’s part, they were very interested on what we have to say and how we are doing it (i.e. our City Icons products).

It was a great opportunity to assist to this event and an even greater way to get to know this beautiful city located on the Canadian pacific. For sure it will lead […] Read more

Round table with Canada’s Minister of Employment and Social Development

Last week-end we had the opportunity to have a round table discussion with the Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism of Canada, the Honourable Jason Kenney. The meeting was organized by Winston Chan and CYBF (Canadian Youth business Foundation).


Lately on the western countries (Europe -except Germany- & North America) a curios phenomenon has been taking place: unemployment is relatively high (including youth), on the contrary, there are many jobs offers being left open (I.e not attended). So, what’g going on?

With that, Mr. Kenney started a candid discussion to get some input from us, so we can […] Read more

Mollejuo on Telecoms Tech World

Last week we were present on the Telecoms Tech World in London. It was a great conference! It had an awesome line-up of speakers and good participants all-over. In our case we had a great chance to let our work be known, do some serious networking and last but not least, a good opportunity to get to know -the incredibly great city of- London. And of course, we promoted London Icons, to facilitate the visit to this amazing city.

We hope to have an opportunity to visit this city again, soon. 🙂

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