We do AR, mobile and web development


AR Development

Pioneers in AR development, we started doing this activity before it became mainstream. As such we have experience with AR in mobile apps as well as within web browsers (a.k.a WebAR). Our geolocated platform supports white labeling, which our customers love!

Web development

A mobile app doesn’t live in an island! It frequently needs a back-end, that’s why web and mobile development go hand in hand. From the popularity of WordPress to the sophistication of Symphony. We are able to develop according to the project or customer needs: Angular, C#, Ruby and PHP (our favorite!), including its respective frameworks like Rails, Laravel, Yii, etc.

Mobile Development

Mobile first has been in our DNA since our inception! We love to work with native apps, however we are aware the realities and economics doesn’t always allow this approach. Thus, hybrid development is also in our capabilities, whether it is with Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin or React we can handle it.


Sometimes we do the whole project from start to finish, turnkey! Other times we are part of a bigger team, whatever the scenario we adapt to it and deliver.


Mastodon is the unintentional social network for journalists

When social networks appeared during the mid 2000s, there were a few of them: MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, LinkedIn. The initial three on the list were gossip based, LinkedIn is for professionals, while Twitter didn’t know its place … yet. Instagram didn’t exist, and when it showed up, it was a photo sharing app. With…

March 27, 2024
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At last, the VisionPro started shipping! with no short of audacious people using it where they shouldn’t and no short of memes for it! Nevertheless, this device equates to the launch of the Mac. At the begging people were confused and mocked this toyish thing called the mouse, eventually all personal computers were handled that…

February 6, 2024
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By this time Apple’s recipe of success it’s not a secret: The previous is the formula for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods. None of those products (MP3 player, smartphone, tablets, smart watch, wireless headphones) were a breakthrough from Apple. However Apple did capitalized on improving those to a point they become independent…

June 27, 2023
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