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We the PeopleMobile AR has been driven by three main parties: Wikitude, Layar & Metaio. As we shared some time ago, all three used proprietary AR format, for the simple fact that each one was trying to figure it out how to do it. Thus deploying AR was first based on which platform to use, leaving the other ones out, due to -mainly- cost deployment reasons.

An standard was needed, but to have an standard the first thing to get is the agreement of the parties involved of the need of the standard (agree to agree).

This standard took the name of ARML (Augmented Reality Markup Language). It was initially proposed as an standard around the year 2010 by one of our partners (Wikitude). Only Wikitude & Metaio followed suit in using ARML.

Last month ARML 2.0 has been formally adopted by the three players. We still need to figure it out a bunch of other stuff related with AR, specially that wearables are part of the playing field. With ARML standardized and adopted, the technical part of geolocation is covered, so we can focus to try to figure it out other stuff 🙂

From now on, AR content can be made independent of the AR browser which is going to be displayed. YEAH! 🙂

Author: Joe