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At last, the VisionPro started shipping! with no short of audacious people using it where they shouldn’t and no short of memes for it!

Nevertheless, this device equates to the launch of the Mac. At the begging people were confused and mocked this toyish thing called the mouse, eventually all personal computers were handled that way.

While VisionPro may be the future for some people, some of us DID saw that future years ago, granted without Apple’s re$ources

In any case, it appears that Apple is manufacturing as much devices as it can sell (even with a price of 3500$!!) and still is not enough. The irony is that -currently- even if Apple would want to lower it price, it can’t.

Sony is one of the parts vendors for the VisionPro. Specifically, Sony makes the internal screens for the device. While Apple has requested more from Sony, the latter told Apple, nope, we will only give you 900 thousand units per year. It’s quite possible that the rest of those screens are going to the PlayStation VR2. After all, VisionPro is not the only one using Foveated rendering.

This is not the 1st time Apple is such position. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons Apple has been so successful is because Tim Cook is the master of logistics. Many of Apple products incorporated manufacturing processes and components that at the time of launching, were rare. The genius of Apple was to grab those components exclusively before the competition could, making it impossible (or at least very hard) for the competition to counter attack.

All these experiences started with the original iPod. You see, at the time, MP3 players needed those archaic things called hard drives, in that prehistoric world, Toshiba made the smallest ones, the ones that fitted into small portables devices. The same with memory (static storage) by the time the iPod nano appeared. During those days Apple either invested directly in the company (Toshiba for Hard drives or Samsung for memory) OR pre-paid a gigantic quantity of those components. Making it impossible for that vendor to supply any other customer for a long time. These actions were the ones that gave Apple exclusivity of pumping iPods by the millions without a single company able to compete in price, quality or quantity.

Again, the same recipe is repeated with the VisionPro, hindsight is 20/20, the rest is history!

AI generated image. Prompt: oculus vr headset with a computer mouse connected to it with a cable. Make both fit on the image

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