Icon apps improvements

Our series of Icon apps have been growing slowly but surely. Initially we started with Boston, continuing to Washington D.C. to then transform them into the Icon series that today covers more than a dozen iconic cities around the world. With this grow it has come the time to unify them under a similar UX, or at least an identity, while at the same time retaining the uniqueness in them.

Also, we’ll do little improvements in the UX, which include the inclusion of a bigger and more user friendly maps. While we maintain our quest for people to minimize the use […] Read more

So you wanna be a startup…

Some years ago Google released Google Docs, which was a free web version of the Office suite Microsoft offers. While Google Docs was certainly more limited than MS Office, it was functional enough to work with it, and (on top of all) sharing data and documents via Web was possible (MS Office didn’t allow that at that time).

Surely enough many individuals started to use Google Docs, among many of these individuals, entrepreneurs got the tools they needed for free, without requiring the previous expenses on Offices suite, which -needless to say- can amount to -at least- hundred of dollars.

The freeness […] Read more

AR on a chip explained

Last week Metaio announced with great -and justified- fanfare the first AR Engine. This engine is going to be manufactured in tandem with ST-Ericsson. So, what is it all about?

Let it be said that we -obviously- embrace and welcome any advantages in the AR world. The more improvements, the better. Indeed Metaio and ST-Ericsson should be proud of their development, is certainly innovative. That being said, lets look at this more closely.

AR workings 101

As we have said several times, AR is mainly divided between geo and image based. Long history short, image based triggers the AR by scanning an image […] Read more

Online location, a second look

Some time ago I shared my thoughts on designing and deploying an app that would work under the offline concept (no connection to the internet necessary) or online one (connection to the internet necessary).

Well, during my visit to Innsbruck the experience reassured me to follow the online route. In short, online is easier on the user side, far easier. Why? GPS locking takes time. Enough time to discourage a user to use the app at all.

Lets elaborate

The Innsbruck app works offline and well as online. Again, working off line required the user to download the data to their phone devices. […] Read more

Porn in AR

Ever since AR started to be popular, the question of using pornohography on it has been in the air. After all, it seems obvious to use AR for those proposes. Well, last week, the first formal step of embracing porn in AR was made by Layar, by enhancing the Playboy Magazine, Netherlands edition. You can check it out here.

Why is this relevant?

Well, for the simplest of reasons: Porn drives traffic. In this case awareness, so the more awareness AR has the better (of course within reasonable limits). The home video adoption (VHS & Betamax) was helped in a long way […] Read more

ENTER 2013 Conference recap

As I mentioned earlier, we were invited to gave a little presentation of our experience in AR on the ENTER 2013 conference, celebrated on the beautiful city of Innsbruck, Austria.

For those of you unaware of it, the ENTER conference is focused on IT on tourism, hence all presentations and keynotes are given with that optic in mind. There were many big players on the stage like Google, Facebook, Melia, etc. As well as ton of researchers showing their findings. The amount of knowledge shared was intense and the people that we have the opportunity to met, was simply incredible! While […] Read more

Enter 2013

We have been invited to give a little talk on the Enter 2013 conference, which will take place on Innsbruck, Austria. We’ll be talking about our experience with our platform (Cities Icons). Of course, we’ll summarize the experience later for you, our wonderful readers 🙂

In case you are not aware of this beautiful Austrian city (as we were not), below a nice timelapse video of them.


[…] Read more

Translating machines -> apps

Ever since computers where invented, a translation machine has been the dream of many, after all voice is the main way to communicate between humans, humans have created languages. Even if we humans can achieve to speak several ones, its really hard to speak them all for nothing else than practical reasons. However, most of mankind speaks only one language, the one that’s attached to where they live or interact.

Computers have been growing in calculus power since they were invented, which is why they seem fit to be the perfect machines for translating, but even with all this progress, a […] Read more

20 years of SMS

On December 3rd 1992 Neil Papworth sent the first SMS. Many of us have read and heard the history, so I’m not going to reap it here. SMS did indeed changed the world! What has been overlooked by many tech sites is that there’s an interview to Papworth about this event. The interview was made on Montreal’s Metro. Why there? We don’t know! 😛 We do know Papworth currently lives in Montreal though. Anyway, without further ado, the interview.

[…] Read more

Ingress: Google’s AR data mining

In case you’re not aware of it, there’s a new game in town called Ingress, brought to you by Google. Playing is under invitation only, so like many people I haven’t had a chance to play with it. All I know about it, is what I’ve read on the web.

The game has become quite popular in the AR world, because this new medium (AR) is being -again- sponsored by no less than Google itself, on top of their Google Glass project. In typical Google style the invitation model creates scarcity and buzz, hence magnifying the need and popularity to play […] Read more