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On this blog we write about stuff, any stuff that we see fit. On this opportunity I’ll share some movies which I think a worth seeing from an entrepreneurial point of view. Some of them are true stories, some are fictional, some are funny. In any case, each movie might offer a lesson on: trying to build, run a company and how to handle success, failure or pressure. So, here they’re, in no particular order.

Funny ones

Barbarians at the Gate (based on a true history): While maybe things didn’t happen as crazy as in the movie, they DID happened.

KidCo: Old movie. You’ll see that you can become an entrepreneur selling anything.

Office Space: While this movie maybe doesn’t offer any particular lesson, it has become a cult movie. It’s better you know in case of references and memes 🙂

Unlimited ambition has it consequences

An entrepreneur must have ambition, but how much is good?

Rogue Trader (based on a true history): You want to bring down one of Britain’s oldest bank? Take notice!

Wall Street: A classic. A must see movie about the finance world. But only the first part. The subsequent releases of the franchise are good, but not as good as the first one. Greed is good!

Boiler Room: Watch this one after watching Wall Street


Flash of Genius (based on a true history): Justice will prevail! Although it took a long time. Would you have negotiated differently?

Tucker: The Man and His Dream (based on a true history): A True visionary ahead of its time. Is it worth to be ahead of your time?

The Aviator (based on a true history): Success can make you paranoid.

Pirates of Silicon Valley (based on a true history): This movie is important, because it was made before the iPod when Steve Jobs didn’t yet reached megastar status, so it tends to be more honest about what happened.

Other People’s Money: Good lessons about capitalism.

The Social Network (based on a true history): I doubt you haven’t seen it, but it deserve to be in this list. A Million Dollars Isn’t Cool…

The Pursuit of Happyness (based on a true history): Beautiful movie


This one I forgot to put on the initial post, nevertheless is worth considering.

Risky Business: Would you improvise like this?

Crimson Tide: types of leadership, which one is best? Which one are you going or aspire to be?

The Billion Dollar Code: Lessons for dealing with tech giants

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