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statue_Icon_512Our series of Icon apps have been growing slowly but surely. Initially we started with Boston, continuing to Washington D.C. to then transform them into the Icon series that today covers more than a dozen iconic cities around the world. With this grow it has come the time to unify them under a similar UX, or at least an identity, while at the same time retaining the uniqueness in them.

Also, we’ll do little improvements in the UX, which include the inclusion of a bigger and more user friendly maps. While we maintain our quest for people to minimize the use of maps, by way of using the AR view, we can’t deny many people are still used to this type of guidance.

Montreal Metro AR was our pioneer app to include more than one AR view (Metro stations & Car pool parking lots) to select from. We’ll be expanding this functionality to other apps like Paris, San Francisco, Washington, Madrid and many more. The apps for these cities will have the Icons view as well as the Metro Stations view, of course, AR all the way!

Most of these improvements will appear on the iOS version, since the Android version is quite complete from that point of view, except for the Metro integration, which will have to be a separate app. Yes we know, being Android users ourselves, we know this limitation. However this is not because we want to, is because the way our platform is currently structured. We want to change this, however this will not be in the immediate future. When we are ready, for sure we’ll let you know.

Last but not least, we are evaluating to publish also on the Windows Phone platform, however, if these apps get to be published, they won’t have the AR component available. Only time will tell if and when, for everything that’s Windows Phone related.

Check all the Icons apps currently available.

Author: Joe