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You might have heard or not about AR. There’s tons of information on the web, so what I’ll write next, more or less will be the same, but explained our way.

Augmented Reality (AR), is and old concept that is real today thanks to the mobile phone revolution. AR is being called the new medium. To keep it short, thanks to the computing power of these devices, we can do a lot of things that previously required a personal computer or even a mainframe 50 years ago. No surprise there.

AR mostly focuses of using a live feed from a camera of some sort and mixing whatever the image being shown with computer generated content. This content can be geo-located of marker based. Confused?

The following video -from one of our apps–  show what AR marker based is. The blue card is the trigger for the phone to show the metro map on the phone screen, while mixing the rest with the real world.



Now a Geo-located based AR:

In this AR case -from another of our apps-, what the device does is show certain point of interest around the user, based on the location they’re. In this example the person is in London England, the phone is showing/telling the Palace of Westminster is 420m (1377 ft) from where the person is. This is of great help, specially for people not knowing where they are or that simply doesn’t know the city at all.

On top of all that, actions can be embedded to those points, like the phone number of that place being experienced in AR, or knowing the web address or e-mail. Even tweeting the view the person has! A lot of things are possible, a brand new world is being explored hence a New Medium is born.

Author: Joe