Scavenger hunt in AR

Scavenger hunt in AR

One of the natural uses for geolocated in augmented reality (AR) is doing an scavenger hunt activity of some sort. While obvious, we have thought about the idea for a long time. That, until Jessie connected us about doing something together. And so we did …

Enter the games!

Given her wide experience on travel and foodie trips, we decided to made an AR scavenger hunt for foodies. The way we did it was by enabling within Terra Icons, a layer for Jessie on a journey active on New York city. This layer contains NYC Brooklyn’s neat restaurants. The first 5 restaurants […] Read more

New year, new website design!

As the new year begins, we attacked one of the issues we have been mounting on us for quite some time now: Our website design was becoming dated.

The site design made sense in the time were the City Icons app were our main product. As, out focus shifted towards Terra Icons, naturally the design no longer was coherent.

So here it is, is new, leaner, responsive and includes all the fancy things a modern design should include. For the nostalgics, a good part of the old design is now kept in one of our Pinterest boards, didn’t you know? We also […] Read more