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Technology, like life, evolves. When TiVo was a brand new device, broadcasters immediately worried that the device made easier for people to ignore -even more- advertisement, which is the core business that finances free TV programming. True that VCRs were already providing this functionality, however TiVO was made to easily record TV programs, where as, VCRs were complexed to program to record TV broadcasts. Even though broadcasters fought to keep TiVo at bay, technology kept evolving and viewers moved one to other mediums, slowly but steady. Evolution won’t stop.


So, as technology keeps evolving and users habits too, advertisers started to pay more attention and budgets to digital media. As a consequence, some users started to install adblocking software on their computers. Digital advertising moved to this -then- nascent mobile devices. Lately, Apple formalized a way for developers in iOS to enable adbloking within mobile Safari and even native apps!!! As broadcasters in early 2000s, now is the web publishing media feeling the threat. And, advertisers are again looking for the next big thing on which to concentrate their efforts.

AR & VR comes to the rescue

Since our inception, we believed two things:

  • AR is a new medium with immense potential
  • Because people are reluctant to pay for mobile apps, advertisement should finance the content

AR is an established technology, which slowly but surely is changing users habits on using mobile devices. Many advertisers had embraced AR to market their products. However, they have not embraced AR content and piggyback on it. Why not? Because there’s not that much AR content. Which is specifically what we focus on: Creating great AR content for users to enjoy! Also, is the reason we focus -even more- on geolocation AR. Geo AR is content that’s useful and innovative at the same time. Advertising there is a no brainier. Naturally, we’re biased!

Which leads us to the second point: Users of mobile content had gotten used to not needing to pay, becoming a great opportunity for advertisers to embrace on AR content.

Many people might be thinking: why not VR? Yeah! It’s also coming, Facebook had made it clear. Surprisingly, VR is still a technology not yet widely use and available, where as, anybody who has a mobile device, can experience AR content. Just take a look at what we do.

Instead of fighting adbloking, we offer and suggest advertisers to widen their pool of mediums, VR & AR among them. And when ready to invest on these new mediums, contact us! We’ll be happy to chat about this new endeavor!

Source Image: Les visiteurs, Alpilles Productions

Author: Joe