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Technology evolution

The photo above is making rounds on social media. Think about the whole evolution that happened in just 10 years. Thanks to Moore’s law, now we can comfortably carry around an entire video library of DVDs within our phones. This trend is going to continue, at least in mid-term, as long as we humans continue to crack ways out to further Moore’s law.


As we know, current wearables are based on older technology. The reason for this is because “older” technology can be miniaturized easier, could cost less on this miniaturization, could consume less power and is more resilient. All must have characteristics to be worthy of being inside as a wearable technology part.


About two weeks ago a Google Glass teardown became public. The teardown reasonably claims that all the parts that all parts necessary to make a Google Glass have a total cost of around 79$. 79?!?!? Currently Glass is being sold by Google at the price pf 1500$ each. Of course, the parts cost doesn’t cover the R&D expenditures. Regardless, we can be sure that Google Glass could be sold for a lot less and still give Google space for profits.

However, that’s not the point. The point is that in the space of wearables, even if Google Glass doesn’t explode, something else will. At this price ranges, it will be inevitable that wearable technology to become dirt cheap. At that time, it doesn’t matter the privacy fears, or if it’s geeky looking, wearables will be everywhere one way or another, whether we like it or not. Moore’s law will still be around for this to happen. The same way it happened with SD cards and USB pen drives.

Author: Joe