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glassA lot has been written about Google Glass, so we’ll try not to repeat it here. Let’s start from what we know:

  • It’s an Android device
  • It has great potential for many things
  • It remains to be seen if it will be socially validated, due to -possible- privacy issues

Google as a company has several mottos, one of them is:

Its preferable to achieve 3% of the impossible than 100% of the possible

In that regard, it’s not the first time that Google has tried moonshots to (maybe) later kill them, like for example:

  • 1st Nexus Telephone offered directly by them. This one had not even a support phone number, so many customers didn’t have a nice experience after buying it
  • Nexus Q. You don’t know nor remember Nexus Q? Exactly! Nexus Q was supposed to be a entertainment hub (including speakers and stuff), however it was so geeky and limited that the company -wisely- decided not to release it to the public. Maybe they do release it someday
  • Wave. One of our favourites and really disruptive technologies, which (in our opinion) was early killed without exploring all its potential

And many more product or technologies that Google Labs conceived. Ohh, BTW, Google Labs was also killed.

As we can appreciate, Google is not afraid to drop the ball with their experiments, that’s why they’re experiments. Under that philosophy trying something like Google Glass, makes sense. Trying to figure it out if it will be a success or not it’s not their objective. The objective is to release it to the public and from there see on the real world how the product behaves.

If it takes off, fine! If not, fine too! The point is that we won’t know what will happen if it’s never tried nor released.

Author: Joe
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