Monterrey Tech

Monterrey Tech

Monterrey Tech (Tecnológico de Monterrey) is one of the world’s most prestigious universities. As part of our recent trip to Mexico, we engaged with them on how we can mutually collaborate. The result of this collaborations is, Tec Monterrey will be supplying us with the points of interest so they can be put into Terra Icons™.

This is for the main campus in Monterrey. As we have done previously with Montreal and Sherbrooke (among many others), now it’s Monterrey’s turn to be in augmented reality!

To navigate the campus in AR, download Terra Icons and select the layer: Monterrey Tec. Enjoy!

El tecnológico […] Read more

Mexico DF

Mexico DF

Last week I had the great opportunity to visit Mexico city (a.k.a, Mexico DF: Federal District). I had the chance to get to know this wonderful, vast, complex and majestic city. The visit was mainly to expand our business and market what Terra Icons does. I met amazing people, companies and future partners. I continue to evangelize about augmented reality and the potential it has as a new medium. Mexico is well positioned to take advantage of this technology as it continues to be one of the growing economies on the world, and it’s one of the biggest markets on […] Read more

Scavenger hunt in AR

Scavenger hunt in AR

One of the natural uses for geolocated in augmented reality (AR) is doing an scavenger hunt activity of some sort. While obvious, we have thought about the idea for a long time. That, until Jessie connected us about doing something together. And so we did …

Enter the games!

Given her wide experience on travel and foodie trips, we decided to made an AR scavenger hunt for foodies. The way we did it was by enabling within Terra Icons, a layer for Jessie on a journey active on New York city. This layer contains NYC Brooklyn’s neat restaurants. The first 5 restaurants […] Read more

Android apps on Blackberry devices

Android apps on Blackberry devices

Blackberry 10 (BB10) is based on the the QNX OS. QNX is a real time OS that’s very good, for the none geeks, real time means that’s really good 🙂 In short, the system react faster to interrupts, and that’s really good thing 🙂 However, as we all know, BB10 has not been able to caught up with the masses, which has left them in a very awkward position, as the platform enters in a difficult cycle: there are not many apps for the platform because there are not many users, and there are not many users because there are […] Read more

Succesful crowdfunding!

A few weeks ago we started our small but focused crowdfunding campaign. It has successfully finished with a pleasant 110% of the objective amount collected. We would like to thank all of the people who believed in us, we really appreciated!

The funds will be used to promote Terra Icons adoption, using several methods like Facebook ads, Twitter ads installs, Google AdWords, Bing Ads (yes, Bing!), and many other. Of course, spreading that amount among all the services. Yes, we know effectiveness might be lowered, however that was the initial promise for the campaign, and we’ll stick to our word!

As for […] Read more

Testing the waters of crowdfunding

We’ve always been curios about the whole crowdfunding phenomenon. We’ve thought of some ideas to launch, but nothing concrete, until now. We stumble upon this new fellow start-up called Launchleader. We thought it was cool, so we created our respective, concrete and straightforward crowdfunding campaign. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

So, please visit the project’s page, every $ counts. Thanks! 🙂

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Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots

Recently we had the opportunity to experience and try tele presence robots. With a lot of people working from home, these devices make a very appealing use case. In our situation, we were thousands of KMs away from the office on which we were having our interaction, so it was either the robot, videoconference (Skype) or plain old telephone.

As we have previously said, in Mollejuo we are always looking and attracted for cutting edge technologies, so it should be no surprise that we loved these devices. The idea to have something more than a video conference is great. These devices […] Read more

New year, new website design!

As the new year begins, we attacked one of the issues we have been mounting on us for quite some time now: Our website design was becoming dated.

The site design made sense in the time were the City Icons app were our main product. As, out focus shifted towards Terra Icons, naturally the design no longer was coherent.

So here it is, is new, leaner, responsive and includes all the fancy things a modern design should include. For the nostalgics, a good part of the old design is now kept in one of our Pinterest boards, didn’t you know? We also […] Read more

Content Update for Terra Icons

After our grandiose launching of Terra Icons v 2.0 :-), we think it would be nice to share an update on how the content progression is doing.

Added cities (services):

San Diego (Icons & Trolley)
Seattle (Icons)
Caracas (Icons & Metro),
Bogota (TransMilenio)
Panama (Metro)
Brisbane (CityCycle)
Zaragoza (Bizi).

Added services to existing cities:

Mexico DF (EcoBici)
London (Barclays)
Madrid (BiciMad)

Of course we haven’t stopped our content expansion. If you haven’t downloaded Terra Icons, now is a good time to do it!

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The coming of Terra Icons 2.0

About year ago we made the decision to funnel our City Icons series into one app. The decision was not easy, because it meant changing our AR engine, which is based on Layar. The app became Terra Icons v 1.0, still depends on Layar, but that was going to be the last and only version that uses it.


In order to concentrate our our cities into one app we needed to rebuilt our back-end from scratch, as today it’s a stitch of several independent cities. This new back-end needed to handle several cities, but also several services, as many of them […] Read more