Why Google Glass v1.0 failed?

Why Google Glass v1.0 failed?

Many of us followers and participants of the AR environment followed closely the developments of Google Glass, as it was one of the bastions for expanding AR reach. So, it came as little surprise to us when we heard that this current version of Google Glass was being killed. Google gave it the spin of graduating it from Google X, which might be true, but in the end is was a failure from their part.

Of course, in hindsight everything is 20/20, nevertheless, we’ll try to identify what went wrong with this still -promising- product. Lets start by saying that lately […] Read more

Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots

Recently we had the opportunity to experience and try tele presence robots. With a lot of people working from home, these devices make a very appealing use case. In our situation, we were thousands of KMs away from the office on which we were having our interaction, so it was either the robot, videoconference (Skype) or plain old telephone.

As we have previously said, in Mollejuo we are always looking and attracted for cutting edge technologies, so it should be no surprise that we loved these devices. The idea to have something more than a video conference is great. These devices […] Read more

One night event with Steve Wozniak

The board of trade of Metropolitan Montreal has a series on events called International leaders, on which they interview influential people from all around the world. Last night they interviewed one of the founders of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak. The event was celebrated on Place Des Arts, Montreal, with an attendance of 3000 people, mostly geeks like us 🙂

Personally, we being a fan and followers of Wozniak for decades, we didn’t expect him to say new things that we didn’t already knew. However, given that he speaks a lot and fast, he did manage to give new details about many […] Read more

Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro

We think HoloLens is going to push even more for AR. As such, we as pioneers in this area, are following closely the developments of HoloLens. One of the requirements to follow and develop for this product is to have Windows 10, as it’s based on it. Well here it is!


There’s not much into it, just follow the instructions and that’s it! We did our homework and read this article about the specifics, but -in short-, we didn’t have to be that careful. In our case, the Windows personality of our MacBook Pro is not the main one, so whatever […] Read more

HoloLens vs Google Glass

HoloLens vs Google Glass

As you may know, Microsoft revealed their latest technology product: HoloLens, which -understandably- made a lot of noise on the media. Lets start by the one similarity they (Glass & HoloLens) have: They’re both -at their core- augmented reality products. Neither company calls them that way, nevertheless, they’re. They both overlay information on top of the real world, which fits perfectly with the definition of augmented reality. Microsoft chose the Holographic term, presumably for marketing reasons. Weather this works or not, it remains to be seen. But lets not forget that Surface is the name of two Microsoft products, first […] Read more

New year, new website design!

As the new year begins, we attacked one of the issues we have been mounting on us for quite some time now: Our website design was becoming dated.

The site design made sense in the time were the City Icons app were our main product. As, out focus shifted towards Terra Icons, naturally the design no longer was coherent.

So here it is, is new, leaner, responsive and includes all the fancy things a modern design should include. For the nostalgics, a good part of the old design is now kept in one of our Pinterest boards, didn’t you know? We also […] Read more

Oculus Rift is awesomely sick!

Oculus Rift is awesomely sick!

Each time a new technology is introduced, concerns are raised on the effect on us as human beings. When the locomotive railroads were new, many people had doubts of the effects on the human body to travel at those “fast” speeds (60 KM/h?) the new technology offered. Eventually we learned that no such thing happened. That’s not to say new technologies doesn’t have effect on us, planes can be uncomfortable to some people, diving and going out of space puts the human body in places it can’t survive without the aid of machines and technology. Point is, yes, new technologies […] Read more

Challenges of SmARtCities

Challenges of SmARtCities

As always, there’s buzz about something. Among many topics, one that touches our domain is SmartCities. Long history short, SmartCities is based around the concept of everything and everybody in a city communicating. So, the challenge here is getting this communication take place.

But what precisely is being communicated?

The idea is that buildings can communicate their status, weather is their internal temperature, available services you name it. Transport services should also be capable of broadcasting their status like next train/bus arrival, or any delays on the service. The same goes with city services like water or electricity supplies. And so on […] Read more

MIGS 2014

MIGS 2014

This year we got the great opportunity to participate again as volunteers on the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS). As always, great talks and knowledge being shared. Here, we’ll write about what we were able to witness, however, it was far greater than that.

Oculus VR

We got the chance to assist to a VR talk and to experiment with the Oculus VR.  The tech is great, however, motion sickness is very real. So, we’ll need to wait for Oculus to improve (which they’re) in order to be really ready for the mass market. The specifics of this phenomenon, I’ll share it […] Read more

California dreaming


As we have mentioned earlier, we were invited to the MarketLink event in San Diego to show our solution to several companies. MarketLink is a great program that puts to talk directly companies with potential providers, with little red tape in between.

From our part, we got a chance to visit San Diego several times, a beautiful city in itself. Last but not least, we also had the opportunity to interact with companies like: ZTE, Samsung and Huawei. What else could we ask for?

San Francisco

Because of these Marketlink trips, we also had a chance to go north to Silicon Valley, and […] Read more