Android apps on Blackberry devices

Android apps on Blackberry devices

Blackberry 10 (BB10) is based on the the QNX OS. QNX is a real time OS that’s very good, for the none geeks, real time means that’s really good 🙂 In short, the system react faster to interrupts, and that’s really good thing 🙂 However, as we all know, BB10 has not been able to caught up with the masses, which has left them in a very awkward position, as the platform enters in a difficult cycle: there are not many apps for the platform because there are not many users, and there are not many users because there are […] Read more

Effects of Apple buying Metaio

Effects of Apple buying Metaio

Well it’s official, Apple bought Metaio. So what could happen? In order to understand better the whole thing is important to know what Metaio (and other SDKs) does.


To enable augmented reality (AR) in any app there are three paths to chose:

Develop the AR code yourself. Unless the developing of this code improves the AR experience somehow compared to the other existent options, doing it is just reinventing the wheel.
Using AR open source code. Useful if the platform doesn’t have formal support of other AR SDKs, this is the path we chose for Terra Icons for Windows Phone 8. Generally, […] Read more

Why HoloLens is a game changer for augmented reality?

Why HoloLens is a game changer for augmented reality?

Keyword: triggers. Just until recently, computing devices (PCs, tables, smartphones, etc.) needed a physical object or information on where to overlay the augmented reality experience. HoloLens changes all this.

As always, it obvious today, but it wasn’t the case until not that long ago. Let’s see … The whole point of AR is to overlay extra information on top of the real world. Devices weren’t able to guess where to put this information on the screen unless they had a physical marker on which to lock-on and overlay the information there. Initially those markers where very similar to QR codes, because […] Read more

Succesful crowdfunding!

A few weeks ago we started our small but focused crowdfunding campaign. It has successfully finished with a pleasant 110% of the objective amount collected. We would like to thank all of the people who believed in us, we really appreciated!

The funds will be used to promote Terra Icons adoption, using several methods like Facebook ads, Twitter ads installs, Google AdWords, Bing Ads (yes, Bing!), and many other. Of course, spreading that amount among all the services. Yes, we know effectiveness might be lowered, however that was the initial promise for the campaign, and we’ll stick to our word!

As for […] Read more

Mobile indoor positioning options

Some time ago we talked about the challenges for indoor location services. At that time Qualcomm proposal seemed interesting. Time has passed and now this offer is a little more mature and -at least- available as a finished product.

Still, there’s no standard way to provide indoor location, as it is the case with GPS. Whatever indoor location method is adapted, is proprietary and -thus- attached to its respective manufacturer.

There are several existing mobile indoor location solutions. The most prominent is from an Austrian company called It’s a pretty neat solution as it uses whatever devices installed on premises (WiFi […] Read more

Testing the waters of crowdfunding

We’ve always been curios about the whole crowdfunding phenomenon. We’ve thought of some ideas to launch, but nothing concrete, until now. We stumble upon this new fellow start-up called Launchleader. We thought it was cool, so we created our respective, concrete and straightforward crowdfunding campaign. Nothing fancy, just the basics.

So, please visit the project’s page, every $ counts. Thanks! 🙂

[…] Read more

Why Google Glass v1.0 failed?

Why Google Glass v1.0 failed?

Many of us followers and participants of the AR environment followed closely the developments of Google Glass, as it was one of the bastions for expanding AR reach. So, it came as little surprise to us when we heard that this current version of Google Glass was being killed. Google gave it the spin of graduating it from Google X, which might be true, but in the end is was a failure from their part.

Of course, in hindsight everything is 20/20, nevertheless, we’ll try to identify what went wrong with this still -promising- product. Lets start by saying that lately […] Read more

Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots

Recently we had the opportunity to experience and try tele presence robots. With a lot of people working from home, these devices make a very appealing use case. In our situation, we were thousands of KMs away from the office on which we were having our interaction, so it was either the robot, videoconference (Skype) or plain old telephone.

As we have previously said, in Mollejuo we are always looking and attracted for cutting edge technologies, so it should be no surprise that we loved these devices. The idea to have something more than a video conference is great. These devices […] Read more

One night event with Steve Wozniak

The board of trade of Metropolitan Montreal has a series on events called International leaders, on which they interview influential people from all around the world. Last night they interviewed one of the founders of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak. The event was celebrated on Place Des Arts, Montreal, with an attendance of 3000 people, mostly geeks like us 🙂

Personally, we being a fan and followers of Wozniak for decades, we didn’t expect him to say new things that we didn’t already knew. However, given that he speaks a lot and fast, he did manage to give new details about many […] Read more

Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro

We think HoloLens is going to push even more for AR. As such, we as pioneers in this area, are following closely the developments of HoloLens. One of the requirements to follow and develop for this product is to have Windows 10, as it’s based on it. Well here it is!


There’s not much into it, just follow the instructions and that’s it! We did our homework and read this article about the specifics, but -in short-, we didn’t have to be that careful. In our case, the Windows personality of our MacBook Pro is not the main one, so whatever […] Read more